Arfasa General Trading PLC
Planned with his employees to do unique activities for the coming New Year 2015 EC decided to satisfy his clients and fulfil his mission.
Arfasa wishes for all fulfillment of the plan !


Coffee Flower from Arfasa farm


Ethiopian Arabica Coffee
Here we are producing two types of honey
1. Honey from honey bees
2. Honey Coffee through honey processing


The Coffee production sustainability project is 100% financed by Arfasa General Trading PLC.
A seedlings nursery site in Sidama established to improve Sidamo coffee productivity and sustainability.


Arfassa General Trading plc
Distributes coffee seedling to his farmers.


Arfasa is paying attention to 2050 small holders coffee farmers.
This is an event projected for four years and distributing them to small stockholders of coffee farmers at Sidamo Shefina in May, 2022


Arfasa is paying attention to young coffee farmers providing coffee seedling and technical support on improving Production and live hoods.

This is an event of stockholders are visiting coffee farm those planted last year and their progress at the level of coffee farm.


This is an event of stockholders visiting coffee farm, the seedlings were provided last year for 2050 coffee farmers in Shefina.


The CEO of Arfasa General Trading PLC
Has been Participated on Specialty
Coffee EXPO at BOSTON, USA 2022


An event of visiting coffee seedlings that are ready for distributions in 2022 after prepared for four year


This is an event of stockholders visiting coffee farm, Seedlings those distributed and planted in 2019


The Arfasa General Trading PLC members and
their customers have been contacted on
Specialty Coffee EXPO at BOSTON, USA 2022


Arfasa Coffee

Yirgalem Kenema Club

Arfasa General Trading plc
is the Honora Sponsor of
Yirgalem Town Football Club


Coffee Laboratory


Enjoy Our Best Quality Coffee Product
Which is Suitable for health at
Reasonable and Competitive Price


Arfasa Coffee in warehouse
Which is ready for his clients.


Arfasa prepared Coffee
for 2022 Year


Arfasa General Trading PLC
Coffee Site in the Evening !


Arfasa Specialty Coffee


Arfasa General Trading plc
preparing specialty coffee Process


Arfasa Coffee
Quality Control Process

coffee Site

For 2021/22 Managing Director Discusses Coffee Collection Process at the Coffee site with farmers


CEO at Coffee Farm

washing Site

Washed Coffee preparing in 2021/22
Year for international sales


The Specialty Coffee preparation at Shakiso
Site under Arfasa General Trading PLC


The Export Manager explained
the performance of the year and
their plans for the coming year


Coffee Farmers Presenting their Products
to Arfasa General Trading PLC

Quality Control

While Quality Control Manager
providing training on the
quality of coffee collection.


Arfasa General Trading PLC’s
Coffee Farm


In 2020/2021, The Branches those
provided the highest quality and quantity of
coffee were awarded Cash and Certificates

In 2020/2021, The Branches those
provided the highest quality and quantity of
coffee were awarded Cash and Certificates

In 2020/2021,The Branches those
provided the highest quality and
quantity of coffee were awarded
Cash and Certificates

Walter Marter

Managing Director at Shakiso Coffee farm
with their Customers .

olam 730x348

Managing Director at the Coffee site
with their Customers.

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Quality product which is suitable for health at reasonable price”We duly examine our customer’s requirement and we are confident to offer top grade coffee so as to meet our customer’s needs.Ethiopia is famous as coffee’s birthplace,and remains a specialty coffee industry darling for  incredible variety of flavors..We are full traceable,as We had grouped farmers  on each of our sources to help them produce top quality specialty lots that are now completely traceable and adding value for farmers.

We are committed to providing the best customer experience.

At Arfasa General Trading, we seek sustainable growth for all of our partners. We aim to build long term relationships with our stakeholders based on trust, excellent customer experiences, information and shared value.Our customers are our first priority, and building strong, long-term relationships with them is what our company was built on from the beginning.

We know every client is different, which is why we work to
understand the individual needs of everyone that we work with. Together,we’ll come up with the best solution to fit your needs .

Adami Tulu Manufucturing Industry

Available Product For sale

Derrivative Summary of Arfasa’s Coffee Quality control and Grading Process

The structure is to show critical control point of processing type and the measure to be taken throughout the process.

   The organic certified, vertical integration,farm and ecx coffee will be checked of the quality through the process.Read More

We Originate & Produce quality and high graded coffee

we have more  than 25 years of proven experience and knowledge in the coffee farming , processing ,and supplying,& own more than eight wet mile and dry mile stations which help us to collect cherries from the source


Read More

Our Market Position

Leveraging on our local coffee supply experience as a vibrant asset, we are excelling up in coffee export business. After our official engagement in coffee export   in 2014/2015, we have attained 6th rank both in volume and values among top 500 exporters in the sector in 2017/2018 while we aspire to hold the top rank in the current operation year.We duly examine our customer’s requirement and we are confident to offer top grade coffee so as to meet our customer’s needs


Shining a spotlight

Our products and activities are certified organic under the US National Organic Program 7 CFR Part 205 and with production rules equivalent to Regulations (EC) 834/2007 and (EC) 889/2008 : For the validity you can visit=https://www.easy-cert.com/htm/zertifikate.htm?sprache=en

We are proud to call ourselves a forward-thinking firm that empowers people to change the world. It’s rewarding when others think of us that way too. That’s why we’re honored when our client service, innovative solutions, emphasis on social impact, and commitment to diversity and inclusion earn us recognition from industry peers.


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Jorney of Arfasa General Trading

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