Arfasa General Trading Plc participated in national coffee and species exhibitions at Hawassa.

The Ethiopian Coffee and Tea Authority holed the national coffee and species exhibitions were at place in Hawassa city on June 28 and 29.

This coffee exhibition in Ethiopia presents an exciting opportunity for coffee exporters and suppliers to connect directly, share knowledge, and explore potential business opportunities. The event’s focus on increasing industry benefits and the high level of interest from both local and international participants suggest that it could have a positive impact on the Ethiopian coffee sector.

The City of Hawassa in Ethiopia hosted a national Coffee Exhibitions with the goal of fostering relationships between coffee exporters and suppliers.

Panel discussions aimed at exchanging views on the production and quality of Ethiopia’s coffee will also be held as a part of the exhibitions.

Director General of the Authority, Adugna Debela said in a press conference today that the exhibitions target at further enhancing Ethiopia’s economic benefits obtained from coffee by boosting productivity and ensure product quality.