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Coffee from every growing coffee region in Ethiopia, enabling us to forge strong relationships with farmers, cooperatives and coffee buyers across Ethiopia.

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Arfasa General Trading Plc

Arfasa General Trading Plc ,as a family business, was conceived in January 2005, with a pioneer founder, Mr, Degafa Sime, holding vital ownership and Managing roles. As soon as its establishment , the company started exporting green coffee beans (Conventional & Specialty coffee) to different countries around the world.
Therefore, Arfasa General Trading has immensely engaged in this rapidly growing industry, supplying top grade quality Arabica coffee beans. This also especially indicates significant contribution for the country economy in the foreign currency earnings. The company’s legal form is a Private Limited Company and established with a capital outlay of $21.2 Million, founded at Meki Town, in East Shoa Zone of Oromia Regional state. Our Company from Bean Selection to Global Exporting Ethiopian coffee.

 We start by picking the best coffee beans from local farmers in Ethiopia. We make sure to choose the ones that taste the most amazing. Building good relationships with our suppliers helps us get top-quality beans.

Once we have the best beans, we use smart methods to get them ready. We clean and prepare them carefully, keeping all the natural flavors. Our super-advanced dry processes plant uses the latest tech to clean, dry, and sort coffee beans by color. This way, we make sure the quality stays top-notch during processing – no shortcuts, just great tasty coffee.

After the beans are just right, we handle the shipping part. Our team takes care of packing and sending the coffee from Ethiopia to all around the world. We make sure the fantastic taste of our coffee stays perfect until it reaches you.

Arfasa Coffee Export is one of the leading exporters established in 2005. The company has more than 25 years of experience in exporting organic coffee and grown in Ethiopia. We are exporting to Europe, USA Asia and Arab countries.

The Company has operated the business based upon the long-standing foundation which gains trust and reliance from its clients in terms of quality products and services. Arfasa Coffee Export has now been widely and highly recognized by business partners. The coffee export company in Ethiopia has its own coffee Warehouse and cleaning facilities in Addis Ababa. The headquarters of the company are situated in lideta sub city, near the avenue degefa sime bldg. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

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Aspire to be a banner of Ethiopian specialty coffee supplier in the global market.


To become  top most suppliers of a finest quality Arabica Coffee to globe market that maintains traceability,  special  processing, grading, packing, and transporting during pre and post harvesting to deliver the best cup to the extent of our customer gratification using competent and trustworthy  team, enhancing required technology and facilities.


  • Believe in quality coffee 
  • Take trustworthiness, tractability and consistent quality as our icons
  • Entrust in offering variety of coffee types that is suitable for roasting industries
  • Believe in expertise and pertinent experiences of coffee sectors to maintain solidity of  product
  • Supplement our export with high sense of policy, and
  • Entrust in full-fledged facilities and transportation.
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We Originate & Produce quality and high graded coffee

we have more than 25 years of proven experience and knowledge in the coffee farming , processing ,and supplying,& own more than eight wet mile and dry mile stations which help us to collect cherries from the source

Corporate Social Responsibility

As a responsible corporate citizen, we are dedicated to aligning our core business operations and strategies with the well-being of our local and global communities.

Farmers pre-financing and capacity building

We provide annual training to farmers on quality maintenance and productivity, including awareness on proper handling and sorting of red and dried cherries.

Coffee Waste Management

All coffee processing waste is managed responsibly to avoid environmental contamination. 

Rural Electrification

We had an agreement of 3.944 million birr electricity project with Ethiopian Electric Corporation to install electricity in three Woredas. Which gives access to use electricity for Villagers.

Rural road development

We constructed two access roads for villagers, and the roads are 2km longer each. The road construction work is partially the responsibility of the beneficiary communities. Communities in principle carry out site and washing stations clearance.
Our Destinations

Export Destinations

Europe Mainly:

To Germany, To Italy, To UK, To Australia, To Belgium, To Spain,

To Switzerland, To France, To Russia


To Maily, To South Korea, To Japan, To Tawin and To China
and Also USA, Canada U.A.E

Our Attention

Our Coffee export product lists include both specialty and Natural types. To guarantee timely and quality coffee supply, we use a vertical integration system by signing up with capable producers and suppliers.

There are Many top coffee producing regions in Ethiopia, with each coffee growing region producing a truly distinct coffee.

In Ethiopia  regions at elevations from 4,400 to 6,000 feet above sea level, is an excellent, low-acid Ethiopian coffee when it is wet processed (washed). When Djima is dry processed natural; unwashed), however, it is known to impart a generally undesirable medicinal flavor.

Under the name of our company and owner's name, we own more than 8 washing stations and 7 dry mills in the different Regions of Ethiopia.

Customer satisfaction (CSAT) is a measure of how well a company's products, services, and overall customer experience meet customer expectations. 

We provide warehouse facilities both in Addis Ababa and Hawassa washing Stations. Those warehouses with a total capacity of 4400 square meters are located in each washing stations  and in Addis Ababa with a capacity of 5000 sq. m where our modern export coffee cleaning plant is situated.

Management Team