Sidamo coffee

The general rule of thumb: High Altitude = High Quality.

Sidamo was a province in the southern part of Ethiopia.
Its name has it’s from a native ethnic group of Ethiopia, called Sidama,
which are located in the south-central part of the country. Their majorpolitical state was the ancient Kingdom of Sidama. The old political
map says Sidama was bordered by Gama-Gofa on the west, Shewa on the north, Bale extending from north to east, a small portion on thesoutheast by Somalis, and on the south by Kenya.

Sidamo A, B, C, D and E

The Ethiopian commodity Exchange has categorized theSidamo zones into five geographical areas:Sidama A, B, C, D and E.
These does not have any relation to quality but mere geographical indicators. Quality is based on sensory analysis and green grading,where Q1 and Q2 are named as specialty coffee, and everything between 3
and 9 are considered commercial grade

Sidama People

Sidama has an estimated population of 3.5million,where the Cushitic language Sidamigna is the lingua franca. As all otherethnic groups in Ethiopia, they have their own unique culture,tradition, and heritage. Sidama celebrate their own New Year called‘Fiche Chembelala’ which was given the status of UNESCO world heritage.They take huge pride in this

Detail profile of Sidamo Coffee

Name Founder:

Arfasa Genera Trading PLC





Specific Location


Type of coffee

Sidamo- Shefena Coffee

Coffee varieties

Coffee Arabica Variety Typica

Total area

750 Hectare

No of group farmers


Altitude / m.a.s.l/


Average Annual Temperature / ºC/


Average annual rainfall(Mm)

1100-1300 mm

Soil Type

  Fertile, red brown fertile soil  and its well Drainage, with 1.5m Depth

Production system

Agro forestry production system by keeping soil fertility, shade regulation   and other agronomic practices done by using cultural methods


Organic fertilizer / Compost/

Flowering period

Feb – March

Harvesting Period

Mid Oct – Nov


Hand picking of Red rip cherry


Done by hand picking fruits are not full rips and other stickers

Certification scope

UTZ-RFA-Organic /EU.NOP amd JAS

Screen Size

14 and above


keeping the final product on the base of each lots

Types of processing

Washed / Natural

Cupping notes(Washed)

medium to lively acidity, medium to full body, floral, fruit, spice

Cupping notes(Natural)

Fruity and sweet with notes of blueberry, lime, toffee, and nut with a medium berry acidity and mild body.