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Washed best highland grown coffee
• Altitude: 1770 – 2200m
• Recognized as a district character flavor
• Set apart for exceptional citrus and floral flavor
• Produced washed and exceptionally unwashed coffee
• Raw: uniform, thick, medium to bold, oval in shape and compacted
• Cup: best Acidity with inherent characteristics, good body,
• Grading: – G1/Q1, G2/Q2 washed and specialty
• G3 Natural Specialty
• G4 commercial unwashed/Natural

 Altitude of up to 1550 – 2200
• Produced washed and exceptionally unwashed/Natural coffee
• Has: small to medium sized beans, solid,
Thick with round ins
• Blended for gourmet or specialty coffee
• Cup: medium to light acidity, full body strong mocha flavor and medium body with spicy
• Grading: – G1/Q1, G2/Q2 washed and specialty
• G3 natural specialty
• G4, G5 commercial unwashed/natural

Altitude 150-2000m
• The bulk of Ethiopia’s natural coffee export
• Often used in blends.
• Its bulk comes from the Ilubabour, Bench
• maji & sheka regions.
• Raw – medium to bold, oval and thick
• Cup – Light acidity, full bodied with a
• fruity straw flavor.
• Grading: – G3, G4, G5 commercial unwashed
/Natural Djimma Coffee

• Altitude: 1400-2100M
• Washed with distinctive winery flavor
• The bean is flatter than other washed coffees, medium sized, thick and round ins
• Cup: a well-balanced cup, medium acidity
and body with distinct winey test
• Grading: – G1/Q1, G2/Q2 washed Limu
specialty Coffee

Altitude: 2000 – 2123M
• Sun-dried natural bean produced in western
• The Bean medium size and green to grayish in color,
• Cup: medium to pointed acidity and medium body with a wild fruity test
• Grading: G4, G5 and Gimbi Fruity G4 the premium one

Arfasa General Trading
How we pack green coffee beans


Packaging is the most valuable process while exporting coffees. Therefore, we are packing our coffee in a best way possible to keep export coffees from external contamination. We use Jute bags for packing our coffees. And each Jute bags can contain 60 or 50 Kg and we also use grainPro bags based on our customers requirement and request.

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