Nekemte Coffee

Nekemte coffee

Nekemte, also called Nakamti is a city and a woreda of western Ethiopia.

Nekemte  is a market town and separate woreda in western Ethiopia. Located in the East Welega Zone of the Oromia Region, Nekemte has a latitude and longitude of 9°5′N 36°33′E and an elevation of 2,088 meters.

Nekemte was the capital of the former Welega Province, and is home to a museum of Wollega Oromo culture. It is a burial place of Onesimos Nesib, a famous Oromo who translated the Bible to Oromo Language for the first time, in collaboration with Aster Ganno.

Ethiopia has the most diversified of coffee types.

Nekemte coffee is produced in Western Ethiopia and it is highly valued for its pleasant fruity flavour. At times the higher-grade coffee can be unique with honey, citrus, and floral notes. It has long elongated beans with a green to brownish colour. The cup is generally clean with slight fruity acidic taste and body of the best quality mocha. It forms an important part of a specialist roasters blend, but it is also is an excellent gourmet single.