Aspire to be a banner of Ethiopian specialty coffee supplier in the global market.


To become  top most suppliers of a finest quality Arabica Coffee to globe market that maintains traceability,  special  processing, grading, packing, and transporting during pre and post harvesting to deliver the best cup to the extent of our customer gratification using competent and trustworthy  team, enhancing required technology and facilities.


  • Believe in quality coffee ,
  • Take trustworthiness, tractability and consistent quality as our icons,
  • Entrust in offering variety of coffee types that is suitable for roasting industries,
  • Believe in expertise and pertinent experiences of coffee sectors to maintain solidity of  product,
  • Supplement our export with high sense of policy, and
  • Entrust in full-fledged facilities and transportation.
Our Silent Features
  • More than 25 years of proven experience and knowledge in the coffee farming , processing ,and supplying,
  • Own more than eight wet mile and dry mile stations which help us to collect cherries from the source,
  • Own sufficient hectare of coffee farm that located at Bonga area-Kefa Zone,
  • Own 4320 Sq Coffee Cleaning and Warehouse At Capital City,A.A, to clean and stock exportable coffee,
  • Capacity to avail varieties of coffee suitable for roasting,
  • Our strong and bonded competitive supply chain advantages,
  • Acquired more than thousands of small farmers contracts,
  • Provide win-win benefits to small farmers or growers,
  • Our strong reputation is a plus to do business with financial institutions,
  • Acquired more than 25 own big trucks which ease our efficient and fast domestic logistic and facilities