Derrivative Summary of Arfasa’s Coffee

Derrivative Summary of Arfasa’s Coffee Quality control and Grading Process

Quality control structure

  • Digital weighing scale to weigh raw and roast coffee
  • Moisture taster to taste moisture level of the raw coffee beans
  • Screen 14 sieve to measure the % of above screen 14
  • Sample tray
  • Raw grading black mat to sort raw coffee
  • Roasting machine to roast standard roasting of sample
  • Grinding machine to grind standard coarse level of each cup
  • Cups(250ml) to set 5cups for each individual sample
  • Cupping spoons to seep the liquor
  • Water boiling kittle to pour each cups with boiled water
  • Electric stove/boiler to boil the water
  • Spittoons to spit after seeping
  • Cupping format both ECX and SCAA
  • Cupping table to set cupping session

Physical evaluation of the 350g arrival coffee will be evaluated by using both ECX and SCAA Raw grading format.

  • 85 % of above Screen 14mm size
  • Moisture meter standard of 11.5 -12%
  • Defect evaluation, primary by count and secondary by weight
  • Odor
  • Color ,Shape and makefor washed coffee

Arfasa General trading Coffee Roasting and Cupping protocol

  • Temperature of Roasting machine to feed 100g of raw coffee 150 %c                                                                                                                               
  • Time of roasting 8-12min
  • Roast level Correct/medium roast.
  • Grind level 20 to 25% through  a Tyler sieve 20
  • Ground coffee to water ratio13.75g/250ml

             Water quality

  • Clean/odor, chlorines, iron,&sulphur free
  • TDS levele 150mg/l
  • Ph 7 to 8

              Water boiling temperature

  • 100%c

              Timing of pouring water to breaking the infusion

  • 4min for breaking after pouring
  • 3 times cupping after 10min of pouring

 Final grading of raw and cup value by using grading format.