Corporate Social responsibility


Arfasa General Trading PLC has been supplying specialty washed and natural Ethiopian Arabica coffee of Sidamo, Keffa and Guji which are certified under most of basic required standards of  Organic, Rain Forest Alliance, UTZ and JAZ

Rural Electrification:
We had an agreement of 3.944 million birr electricity project with Ethiopian Electric Corporation to install electricity in three Woredas. Which gives access to use electricity for Villagers.

Rural Electrification:
We constructed two access roads for villagers, and the roads are 2km longer each.

Farmers pre-financing and capacity building:
Financial support when farmers are in need, Healthcare support (remunerating hospital fees), Supporting school materials for their kids
We provide annual quality maintaining and productivity training to farmers, such as:
Designing awareness related red and dried cheery collection
Building awareness how can farmers sort Ripped and un ripped cherry

Employee satisfaction:
In our company, all workers are employed, promoted and compensated equally based up on their performance, not on the bases of Gender, ethnicity, religious or culture beliefs.

Waste Management
In all our Coffee processing industries, Processing wastes are managed professionally to not contaminate the local environment. We discharge all wastewater from our Dry and Wet mills to a water body or a drainage system, we
follow wastewater tests/examination conducted at all exit points (and meet established environmental regulatory norms) Skin, pulp, mucilage, and unacceptable cherries are damped to the compost preparation space and composted or Processed by worms. And once it composted it will be distributed to local farmers for the use of soil amendments